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I volunteer because I could relate to the fact that teens need a lot of support. Many kids struggle with school, stress at home, relationships, or other problems they may find hard to talk about and instead make self-sabotaging decisions.

That’s why peer-to-peer conversations and community programs like this are so meaningful.

We develop ways to help each other stay motivated and balanced, to find deeper meaning in life, not just wasting time on activities that “feel good” but aren’t making us happy. Teens don’t always know what they want in life and sometimes feel stressed that they fill what’s missing by self-medicating or excessive drinking. That’s why peer-to-peer conversations about prevention are so useful,

The way things are now vs. when our parents grew up are very different. (ex. Video games vs. playing cards, vaping vs. cigarettes). Our peers are much easier to talk to because we understand intergenerational issues better and are much more relatable and realize what teens do daily. It’s not so much asking why they use drugs or drink too much.… it’s about talking, making friends, and having meaningful conversations. I believe talking, and truly understanding can solve any problem.

What kind of events, prevention resources and other things would you like to see implemented in your community?

Karem -We need a judgment-free zone. Adults can help facilitate peer-to-peer interaction via nature walks with other schools, interviews with former students and young adults to learn about their experiences and insights.

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