The More Community Cares Alliance Warmline

No, it’s not a hotline, but there are plenty of crisis lines and programs you can turn to for help.  We make it our business to know about them and be ready to connect you with the valuable professional resources available.

Created in response to the uncertainty during the COVID 19 Pandemic shut down, the WARMLINE let everyone know we wanted to stay connected with our community members.

We are still here, partnering with local organizations like Kids Need MoRE, sharing best practices, and adopting the theory of the Motivational Recovery Environment (c). We strive to take an active role in shaping policy through advocacy and community continuum of care to live and serve in an environment that lowers risk factors and builds protective factors.

Feel overwhelmed and just need an experienced listener? Looking for ways to connect with others in the community?

We’re here to chat 7 days a week – call, email or text.
Reach out today! We conduct annual Spirit of the Community Assessments and can refer and link you to resources you may not know about!

Call 646-907-8805

Lindy Cares has partnered with Kids Need More to bring you the More Community Cares Alliance Warmline. We welcome our fellow local organizations, businesses, and community groups to partner with us to support our community through this valuable resource.

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