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Volunteering is a wonderful way to meet neighbors, connect with your community, and serve simultaneously. We are in constant motion, busier than ever.

Babylon Cares is an organization of organizations that has opportunities for people to volunteer in their community, without having to commit on a continuous basis, while still establishing and cultivating a sense of belonging and supporting a common goal of being a part of the movement to raise the quality of life and create an environment in which everyone can thrive!

How it works:

What interests you? Do you enjoy holiday events? Family events? How do you want to lend your time? Or maybe offer your planning and leadership skills? Town of Babylon Cares, offers opportunities to support and join while taking into account both your interests and ability to commit! There are so many ways we can raise protective factors and raise strong resilient youth and while reducing the risks for addiction. To give you an idea, here are some campaigns that create a stronger network.

Holiday or Special Event Opportunities

Do you want to give your time to a community event? You can do exactly that, should you so choose by choosing to work only Holiday or Special Event Opportunities such as Light Up Lindy Food Drive or Annual Trick or Trunk. Other special events include supporting the Lions, Rotary, Fire Departments, Chamber, and faith-based partners, all of which can help to share and include a message of prevention. Easter Egg Rolls and Color Runs need many hands to make it happen!

These opportunities are ideal for those whose schedules are busy but want to give back to their community. Hospitality and help with logistics are always a way to get involved. Perhaps you want to lend advocacy skills for people who want to take charge of creating change. We are currently recruiting energetic volunteers for upcoming TIP’s and SBIRT partnership with businesses campaigns, no experience necessary. There’s a place for everyone.

Family-Oriented Volunteer Opportunities

The Family Oriented Volunteer Opportunities are perfect for family bonding and teamwork building. Invite the whole family to join where even young children can serve alongside teens and their parents. Projects centered on families prove that even the tiniest hands have something to offer.

Opportunities For Youth & Teens

Babylon Cares creates specific opportunities for youth and teens to work peer to peer to enhance their leadership skills and develop a strong network of support and access to opportunities to training that will help make stronger citizens and develop skill sets that will serve them in other aspects of their lives. Creating opportunities to serve that are fun and can be done alongside friends will introduce youth to the power of their collective voice and the ability to change things that are not conducive to achieving their highest potential. This is also an excellent chance for youth to meet with youth from other towns, and connect with coalitions nationally learning information that will equip them with valuable insights for their future.

Joiners are often the busiest people because they just don’t join only one organization, and are stretched thin, and in a constant state of juggling commitments. But as community members, we often want to support our communities in the effort to create a safer space to live, work, and play, free of the negative impacts misuse of drugs and alcohol has on our lives. Joining the Babylon Cares Project will allow you to give back in a meaningful way while being courteous and kind to yourself, your time, and your mental health.

The Town of Babylon Cares will also be looking for stories from our members who want to share their personal experiences to benefit others. Building Social Media Campaigns and brainstorming ways to create a more connected community are valuable insights that do not require a lot of effort and time and help us reach as many people as we can.

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  • Membership Drive
  • Speaking Tabling, Advocacy
  • Town of Babylon-Joint Coalition Meeting
  • High School Coalition-Middle School Coalition
  • Spirit of the Community
  •  Youth Summit
  • Red Ribbon Kick-Off
  • Trick or Trunk
  • Collaboration with 501C3 Organizations
  • Teen Institute (Training)
  • The Ugly Truth
  • Collaboration with Eyes Wide Open
  • True Colors Run
  • Peer to Peer Medicine Safety Training
  • Sports Theme Cups & Napkins (Positive Norm)
  • Presentation by Youth at Prevention Center Breakfast
  • Light Up Lindy
  • Escape the VAPE – High School
  • VAPE Presentation – 1st Pct. Officer
  • Training – Senior Educator – Peer to Peer Education
  • Vape Presentations
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Training
  • Cadca Mid Year Conference

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