PhotoVoice Project

Thank you sincerely to BACCA for giving us this space to share our voices through art and prevention!

The goals of the PhotoVoice Project are:
  • Empower those whose voices are often overlooked to share their experiences and reflections on community life, both its strengths and challenges.
  • Deepen our understanding of the various factors—family, community, political, and economic—that shape our community’s fabric.
  • Utilize the power of communication to drive positive change, advocating for policies and actions that enhance community well-being.

Gia Florio

The ocean/beach can be very relaxing. Laying out on the beach or watching the waves can be very therapeutic. It soothes the mind and relaxes the nerves.

Juliette Saverino

I took this picture because it shows something that isn’t very common which is a community coming together to create something beautiful. I think this reflects our community well and what we do and stand for in Lindy Cares.

Jeyla Trenka

Balancing your school life and your work life can be difficult. Teens and can overwhelmed and easily stressed out if they don’t manage their time efficiently, like homework and sports. Sometimes sports can interfere with your work, causing you to stay up late to do your school assignments. Getting a planner will help you managing your time a little easier.

Joelle Trenka

This image is significant and beautiful. This image conveys the feeling of friendship, love, and beauty. It is significant because in order to get through hard challenges you need friendships and that is just what this image shows.

Joelle Trenka

This image makes the viewer feel and notice many things. This image displays the beautiful trees in our world that help us to breath and get oxygen. The photo is significant because the trees in the picture might not be there in years from now.

Emerson Elliott

A photo from June 7th, 2023 displaying how the sky looked during the Canadian wildfires. The air smelled like smoke and the sky was bright orange.

Madison Cartabuke

This photo that I came across on my math teacher’s door, it shows that everyone is accepted in her classroom. This photo shows a lot of compassion to others and as well as, a welcoming place for everyone.

Julia Polander

Depression is real. Signs may come at any age. Don’t avoid these sign just because you scared. It is a serious matter and you’re never alone.

Jeyla Trenka

Trash outside can be really dangerous for us, and for our pets. If a dog, or any animal in that matter, gets a hold of trash like plastic; plastic bags, items, they can be really dangerous for them if ingested. Do your part and help recycle trash like plastic and cans to protect the environment and your local wildlife.

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