Spreading Holiday Cheer!

Suffolk County Legislator connects local residents to the Holiday Cheer Bus Campaign!

Suffolk County Legislator Kevin McCaffrey called his neighborhood coalition, Lindy Cares because he would be receiving a beautiful gift from four special friends who orchestrated a successful Christmas Drive. A few hours later, everyone mobilized to his doorstep with hundreds of new toys for children of all ages. To honor the efforts of Lyly Rockwell, Linda Hornick, Barbara Porcella, and Brittany, and Kelly Sommers, Kevin asked the Lindy Cares team to help find a home for all these beautiful gifts! Lindy Cares/Babylon Cares strives to connect our communities and work collaboratively with organizations with missions to bring joy to children and work hard to get these toys into the right hands! Lindy Cares members from the Evangel Church, interns, youth leaders, and staff loaded up the gifts for the next leg of their journey to the Kids Need More offices in Amityville, NY.

A Social Work intern will carefully choose each toy for children they have gotten to know and work with throughout the year. Together volunteers, parents, and kids all pack big bags stuffed with gifts destined for over 300 families. Over 200 volunteers are gearing up to head out on December 20th on buses destined for Nassau, Suffolk, and the five boroughs to hand deliver good cheer!

This donation is exceptional because donors are not merely putting a toy into a child’s hands and home; rather it’s a connection, a gift of fun and friendship that will remain. After the holidays pass, the social work interns continue to stay engaged with the families, and many become a big part of the Kids Need MoRE family. This circle helps us create a motivational recovery environment that ensures a connection and link to services, other families, and people in the helping profession.

There’s no stigma involved with weaving protective factors into the fabric of our everyday lives. It’s a proven fact that connected people are safer and happier!

Countdown Begins to Cheer Bus…

Happy Holidays.

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