Lindy Cares Youth Coalition Sends a Message!

Today the Lindenhurst Middle School Youth Coalition proudly announces 7th Grader Natalia L. the winner of this year’s “Pizza Box Campaign”! Each year the middle school coalition chooses a sticker with a message that they believe will benefit all Lindenhurst residents. This year’s prevention message is about mental health and recognizes the outstanding businesses here in Lindy too. Middle School Social Workers, Melissa Levy and Ancy Paulose facilitate the youth coalition and help the kids find projects like this one. Sharing prevention tools has proved to be very effective in Lindy. According to survey data, the increase in the amount of Lindy students who reported vaping in the last 30 days since 2015 is far below the national level of students who have taken to using vape devices to inhale nicotine and THC. Lindy Cares Youth Coalition sounded the alarm about this dangerous trend long before it became a national awareness campaign. Since the coalition began its work in 2013 we’ve also seen a drastic reduction in youth reporting using alcohol or other addictive substances. Lindy students know that protecting their brain from harmful substances while it develops means they are less likely to form an addiction that could negatively affect their lives.

Local business partners will place 3000 stickers on take-out bags and pizza boxes in collaboration with students in a strong show of support for youth who choose to live drug and alcohol-free.

Lindy Cares residents and members believe that kids should be allowed to be kids, and businesses know that enforcing laws that ensure youth do not have access to addictive substances like alcohol and tobacco. In this time of uncertainty, the youth recognize the importance of taking care of their mental health. They want everyone to know that our youth groups are inclusive, caring, and welcoming. WE believe that everyone has something to offer. Watch for signs, snap a pic at your favorite business and post it to FAceboOOK to be entered in a drawing to win a gift card!

Lindy Cares youth strive to create an environment in which they believe they can thrive. Our adult volunteers seek to help kids optimize their performance in academics, work ethics, social and athletics, providing a support system to give every student the greatest chance to reach their personal highest potential. Why wait until there’s a problem to address it? Connected people, connected communities….subscribe at to receive notices of upcoming events and opportunities. We’re all in this together!

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