Light Up Lindy

Light Up Lindy is an annual tradition that started four years ago conceived by a member of the faith-based sector, Rita Mullins of Evangel Church of God. This tradition brings members of our community together and provides an opportunity to provide for people who need a helping hand by pooling our resources and working together. Businesses, community organizations, and individuals “purchase” a tree that is set up at the Lindenhurst Gazebo, where members come and decorate it with their distinct styles and personalities on a day filled with holiday cheer! John Frenna of the Little Flower Shop handles the logistics and works with Rick Sorrentino of the Dept. of Public Works to ensure the trees are ready for the special day. Exit Family Realty, 35th Family Deli, and The Evangel Church of God provided refreshments and snacks for everyone. The South Shore Theater Experience performed their annual Charlie Brown Christmas Special and led the caroling. Get Your Groove On DJ proprietor Harry Heitmuller attends each year and fills the day with music while working on our trees.

The amount of volunteerism and camaraderie is abounding in our community: innovative ideas and lots of giving in the true spirit of the holiday season. The trees shine and light the night throughout the holiday spirit as a beacon of love and light. Because of the generosity of Mitch Giannini of Giannini Construction and the owners of Belfast Pub and the kindness of Mayor Mike Lavorata and the village board, 100% of the proceeds are distributed to our most vulnerable residents. They can use a helping hand this year. Tom and Heather of Turtle Graphx prepare our beautiful signs to make sure everyone can see that it truly takes a village. Take a minute to view this year’s commemorative video that truly captures the spirit of the day. Please review the list of list of your local friends and businesses who make up the “Committee of People Who Like to Do Nice Things.” a name coined by Mary Ann Weckerle of Bak and Vogel. Maryann and Lorraine Riginino are part of the planning for this grand event every year starting in August. Their attention to detail and caring means that everything looks the best it can, and we work together to bring this fulfilling dream to fruition. Behind the scenes, with assistance from our school social workers, the Lindy Cares Team, Nikola, Karina, Dylan, and Lori will continue to deliver your generous gifts to our friends and neighbors, and we look forward to being at your service throughout the year. We pledge to bring evidence-based practice to all we do in support of and collaboration with our local members to chip away at social conditions that interfere with our quality of life here in Lindy. We seek to create environments in which everyone believes they can thrive.

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