Connecting Communities in the Town of Babylon

Watch people in our communities that are working together to create an environment for all to thrive. See where you fit in. Join the Town of Babylon Cares Project today and help us create positive community change.

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Working together we can reduce underage drinking and substance abuse within the surrounding communities in the Town of Babylon.

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Our Alliance Partners

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Get Involved

Get involved by volunteering, making a donation, offering in kind services or leading your own initiative that aligns with the values of a committed group of citizens working together to achieve the common goal of making our communities safer places for kids to grow up! Your support of this mission through your time, efforts and resources ensures our shared commitment to our communities remains strong.

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Become a Volunteer

Town of Babylon Cares has multiple volunteer opportunities that support our work to reduce youth drug and alcohol use. Help achieve our mission through your service.

Get on Board: Join the Coalition

Represent yourself individually or contribute as part of a team, civic organization or government office. There are many ways to act, advocate and tackle the mission of preventing underage drinking and substance abuse within our community. Together, we can make a difference.

Why Join Lindy Cares


Youth led and adult guided, the Lindenhurst Community Cares Coalition, also known as Lindy Cares, has actively worked in the Lindenhurst Community since 2013. Lindy Cares is committed to reducing underage drinking and substance abuse within Lindenhurst and is now joining forces with Copiague, Deer Park and Wyandanch coalitions along with all the communities in the Town of Babylon.

Town of Babylon Cares is our community, you can join in any one of our campaigns and events designed to create positive community change. Together, we are working to develop and implement strategies to reduce access to substances, while empowering our youth members to create a safe community that supports their goals to reach their highest potential.

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TIPS Training

Become a spokesperson, advocate or trainer to connect with local businesses to promote responsible beverage service training. Businesses and corporations can develop mutually beneficial relationships with Not for Profits whose values align with their own. Corporate Social Responsibility can result in reducing access to addictive products such as alcohol and nicotine vape delivery systems. Help local businesses become a part of the coalition. Contact us for more information or apply to become a volunteer.



Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) is an evidence-based approach to identifying patients who use alcohol and other drugs at risky levels. The goal of SBIRT is to reduce and prevent related health consequences, disease, accidents and injuries. Stigma keeps many people from seeking services they want or need for mental health and addiction. Let’s change the conversations and make screenings a routine preventive service in healthcare for all. Contact us for more information or apply to become a volunteer.

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Become a Stakeholder

Attend and conduct meetings to plan campaigns and events that serve to reverse the current trends of increase overdose and addiction. Inform and create media and marketing drives that will resonate with those who need a path to services and resources. Take full advantage of training opportunities that will help create a sustainable approach to solution oriented problem solving, data driven decision making and community involvement. Visit and help write our coalition story. Adults and students are all welcome. Contact us for more information or apply to become a volunteer.

Join Town of Babylon Cares and create positive community change

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